Clean toilets in Tokyo

Shinjuku sta. A pay toilet
This is a pay toilet. It costs 100 yen (about 1$).
I think it is too expensive to use it.
But it smells good. It is very clean and very large.
It is larger than bathroom at my home.

Shimbashi(Yurikamome line)
This is rare clean toilet at a station in Tokyo. There is no smell,no dirt and many papers.
There is both Japanese style bowl and Western style bowl.
Yurikamome line is not always crowded. Toilet of the line is not crowded and clean too.

Hamamatsu cho(JR yamate line)
This toilet is simple and clean. I think this toilet is a little known hot spot.
This is rare clean toilet in yamate line.

Raga Ikebukuro(Pachinko shop)
This is toilet in a Pachinko shop.(Pachinko is most popular gamble in Japan.)
This toilet is like a toilet in hotel and with "Washlet". Washlet is the machine automatically wash your hip after doing your buisiness.

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