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Let's Play 'Shinobue' Flute

You can start playing shinobue flute easily.
Prease play flute with us.


Sit in a natural position, with back straight. Do not strain yourself
Genarally, we play flute sitting straight.
Hold the flute horizontally (don't tilt it).
Push your lip on the hole , and blow with 'Fuuu'.
Don't use 'Tonguing', that's often used on European flute or recorder.


Put your right hand on the flute and cover four holes with center(not top) of your right fingers, in right angle to the flute.
Put your left fingers on three holes on an angle to flute.

Fingering and numeral description on score

getrealTo play RealVideo or RealAudio, get the Real Player and install it.
And you can hear the sound on mouse click.
The right-end alfa-numeric show the approximate pitch notation in the case of Shinobue-#8. In case of #7 pitch down chromatic semitone.

0 Bb3
1 C3 C4
2 D3 D4
3X Eb3 Eb4
3 E3 E4
4 F3 F4
5 G3 G4
6 A3 A4
7X Bb3 Bb4
7 B3 B4
8 C5

Description of Score

This description of Shinobue score was the idea of Hukuhara Hyakunosuke(fifth generation), and it was reformed by Hukuhara Hyakunosuke(sixth generation)
The score consists of Japanese and European numerals. These numbers indicate the musical scale.
The other clefs show length of tone.

Sakura(Cherry brossom) : An ancient Japanese song

Almost all Japanese can sing a song 'Sakura'.
Let's play flute slowly.
This is a example of my performance, by middle tone flute '7-hon'.
Please install the Real Player

'Sakura' (Real Audio 3.0 ".ra" 120KB) RealAudio has progressed sound quality, you need 28.8kbps.
sakura1.gif in European staff notation

The following songs are also old famous Japanese folksong. Let's try!
"Nanatsu no ko", "Narayama", and "Echigo jishi"

nanatsu1.gif in European staff notation

Automatic Flute Score writer??
The following shareware program can make flute score automaticaly from '.wav' file. It shows melody line by spectrogram.
I wrote Edo-bayashi score with detailed grace note by above program for self training.

Textbooks and Scores

Textbook :'Shinobue' :2 texts/Scores and 4 audio tapes consist of 45 songs.
Journal : 'Yokobue' articles about Japanese flutes and score
Music tape for practice Edo-Bayashi 1,2,3
Score Edo-bayashi by Wakayama-Taneo(4th) : optional
Refer Hoseido homepage for more information

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